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The Fund's policy and purposes are presented in it's Articles of Incorporation:

Supporting organizations occupied with the development and popularization of classical and modern guitar music in the Republic of Lithuania.
Supporting music clubs.
Supporting individual musicians and their collectives.
Supporting various music events.
Cooperating with other Lithuanian and foreign funds, charity and support organizations operating in this sphere.

Founders of the Fund

The founders of the Fund are well known Lithuanian musicians and organizators:

Julius Kurauskas
Stasys Daugirdas
Alfredas Kukaitis
Audrone Ruciene
Gintaras Rucys


The Fund's headquarters are located at:

V.Druskio St., Nr. 9-220, Vilnius, LITHUANIA.
Telephones: (+370-2) 444-549; (+370-2) 707-125.

More detailed information about the Fund You will find in Fund's Articles chapter.

Guitar - one of the oldest and most popular instruments. It's history begins few thousands years BC. The story of the professional guitar in Lithuania starts in about the middle of this century. Sole attempts to keep Lithuanian cultural life in pace with global tendencies can not ensure the progress. Information, educational literature, different musical events is an important missing link in whole perspective. If no precautions will be made, we may loss even those few valuable signs of Lithuanian guitar enthusiasts' achievements.
The main goal of newborn 'Classical and Modern Guitar Fund of Lithuania' - supporting guitar art in Lithuania. Establishing of Guitar Information Center would serve greatly to every guitar fan. Few good books are still to be published: works of classical guitar patriarch J.Rimkevicius; S.Daugirdas' "The Beginner’s Book of Contemporary Guitar".
We would like to invite foreign guitarists of different genre to perform and teach in Lithuania, as well as to let our young performers go abroad to study.
Funds and other organizations with the purposes alike, are welcome to establish steady relationships based on common goal and collaboration.


1. Supporting Lithuanian classical guitar "Motus Recto" club's organized lithuanian guitarists concerts.

2. Producing the documentary, dedicated to the classical guitar founder J.Rimkevicius.

3. Young talents' support.

The chairman of the directorate
Julius Kurauskas


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