"Books presented in this list are worth of your attention!"

"The Beginner's Book of Contemporary Guitar"

"This book is dedicated to all young people who are interested in studying guitar.
It has accumulated results of more than 20 years of my practice, both as guitar teacher and as musician.
Approach, presented in this book, allows You to study on your own as well as with pedagogue.
Practical exercises will ensure Your progress in soloing and comping disciplines.
Ear training and playing by ear in all 12 keys is another fascinating topic.
The fun part is visual examples - lively pictures, drawn by my students.
Hope You'll like it!
Special attention has been paid to preparing first of it's kind English-Lithuanian dictionary of guitar related terms.
Try this book and You'll see how exciting the world of contemporary guitar is!
I would like to thank my family and my students for their help in preparing this book."

Stasys Daugirdas

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